4 Ways to Coexist during a Home Renovation

4 Ways to Coexist during a Home Renovation

You are excited for your home renovation, but less than enthusiastic for the noisy and dusty work it will take to get there. In a perfect world, you could move out of your house while a construction team completed the project, but chances are, you will need to stay in your home. You may be concerned about the disruption of a construction project, but with the right team, tools, and practices, you can live alongside your home renovation.

Hire a considerate construction team committed to keeping your house a home

Find a construction team that is known for its courteous team and commitment to clean job sites. The
quickest way to learn about the construction team is in the client testimonials. You will want team
members who are considerate from the moment they step into your home with clean work shoes until
the day wraps up leaving behind a tidied up workspace.

Empty the worksite before construction begins

Before the construction team even arrives, empty out the rooms they will be working in. Move your
belongings like clothes stored in your closets, decorations hung up on the walls, or dishware stacked in the cabinets. If you cannot remove furniture, you will want to use plastic coverings to keep them safe.

Protect you and your family from dust

Construction can drum up dust and dirt, leaving the construction site with a dirty layer that seems to
migrate to the rest of the house. This dust and dirt can become an irritant for you and your family,
especially those with allergies. Talk to your construction team about ways to keep the spread of dust to a minimum, like plastic coverings to block off doors, filters on registers, and tools that suck up dust as they go.

Plan for daily clean-ups

Partner up with your construction team to design daily clean-up plans. Tell them what you need from a
clean work site at the end of each day. You should plan for daily clean ups throughout the rest of your
home as well to avoid needing to hire in a cleaning crew after project wraps up.

Coexisting with your home renovations is possible. Perkins Construction has experience in home
renovations and remodeling that can prepare you for the noisy and dirty process and leave with
impressive results. Get started on your home upgrades today free of the fear of dust, dirt, or disruption.