Energy Efficiency & Sustainability

The Perkins Construction Company has been building GREEN for all of the years we’ve been in business. The concept is not new, even though these days its all you hear about in the news and in advertising. Making buildings energy efficient and using sustainable materials has been our focus from the start.
green construction enegy efficient building
Whether it be increased R-values for insulation, high efficiency HVAC systems, water heaters, and appliances, indoor air quality, or the use of low VOC materials and coatings, we care about the product that we leave behind – the place you will live, work, and breathe.

The easiest, most painless way to address these issues is in new construction, so that you can get it right in the first place. But we also can retrofit systems in existing structures. Technology is advancing all of the time, and systems wear out. When the time comes to replace things such as furnaces, appliances or windows, we’ll help you find the right systems. We can also help with alternative energy such as wind, solar, and geothermal.

Additionally, we can retrofit insulation for walls, ceilings and foundations to make your home more comfortable, and to reduce energy consumption.