Who You Need on Your All-Star Construction Team

Who You Need on Your All-Star Construction Team

To deliver a successful construction project, the right team makes all the difference. Perhaps you will be
working with a small team for a residential project or a much larger team for a commercial project.
Regardless of the job size, a number of team members will play an essential role in executing a high quality job. These are the people you want working on your project, committed to getting things done
right the first time.

The Leadership Team: Role models for the whole team

First things first, you will want to learn more about the leadership team. They are the role models who
demonstrate teamwork and the expectations for high quality work for the rest of the team both in the
contractor’s office and daily on site. Get to know the leadership team’s experiences in both leading
successful projects and also leading successful teams.

Designers: Bringing ideas to life

With the right designer, you can watch your ideas come to life for your next construction project. The
designer will translate your vision into design plans that feature recommended layouts and materials
and that fit codes and regulations. Some projects may require your designer to work in partnership with
architects and interior designers to get the plans just right.

Project Manager: Managing people, costs, and goals

The project manager manages a project’s people, costs, materials, and equipment. A project manager
maps out a plan for the project to stay on budget, on time, and done well. You will probably find your
project manager at the contractor’s office rather than on site keeping track of finances, deliveries,
partnerships, and more.

Superintendents: Your daily resource

You can count on the project’s superintendent to be on site managing daily operations. The
superintendent coordinates for the project’s goals and supervises subcontractors hired for the job. Have
a question about your project? Give your superintendent a call to help find the answer.

Tradespeople: The right skills for the job

Depending on your project, you will need different sets of skills to execute the construction plans. You
will need carpenters for that new set of kitchen cabinets, plumbers to re-imagine your bathroom, or
perhaps roofers to top off that new addition to your home. The right tradespeople matched with the job
means you will finally get to see the project become a reality.

Perkins Construction can offer the all-star team you have been looking for. We have an experienced
leadership team, a crew we have worked with for years, and relationships to bring in the right partners
to get the job done right for satisfied clients. Get to know more about us and let’s get your residential or
commercial construction project started.