Testimonials from Perkins’ Clients

Your guys are terrific.They are always happy to show me what they're doing and explain what is going on...and they're always worried about disturbing me after I've worked a night shift. I could not ask to have a better group of workmen in my house. –Manya Lisse; Ann Arbor

Just wanted to say "Thank you" for all of your hard work on our project. We all appreciate the extraordinary effort you put into both the construction and serving in our stead as we were never in town. Thank you. –Michael Levitt; Ann Arbor

Thank you very much. We are just delighted with all the work. –Jamie & Flora Ferrara; Ann Arbor

It all looks great! You and your team have my highest recommendations, and will be my first call when other work becomes needed. Thanks. –Kevin Kuich; Ann Arbor

The condo looks beautiful! My parents and I really appreciate the excellent work and the speed with which you accomplished the renovation. Given their ages my parents needed to settle into their new home quickly. You made that possible. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family. –Julie Caroff; Ann Arbor

Thank you for sending Scott over! He did a great job. You guys are always such a pleasure to work with. –Rebecca Schneider; Saline

Rodger, we loved having you work in our home and are so grateful for all the times you went the extra mile for us. We love the new kitchen! Thank you! –Rebecca & Matthew Schneider; Saline

Roger is a pleasure to work with – he helps us find the best solutions, and we have asked for some things that require creativity. Carl has been extremely helpful in this regard as well. Much of our work has involved significant master carpentry, and the skill of the carpenters and painters is outstanding, plus they are very courteous and pleasant. –Doug & Sharon Rothwell; Superior Township

We interviewed two other construction companies and were most impressed by the attention to detail from Joe. This was the most efficient, professional, considerate construction we have ever experienced. Perkins makes renovation painless.–David and Marie Laidlaw; Ann Arbor

My neighbors had their new kitchen done by Perkins Construction, and highly recommended their work. I’d thought about renovation but wasn’t sure how to go about it. I wanted a new kitchen as mine was outdated (1961.) Joe was very helpful and understanding about any concerns I had and helped me work though the process. This gave me the courage to do it.–Lucille Cooper; Ann Arbor

There were many small but significant acts that made us feel at home. We never felt like our home had been “taken over” or that we were in the way. We really appreciated the tremendous effort and pride that Perkins put into their work. Best of all, our house looks better than we ever imagined.–Devra Kellen and Ron Wasserman; Ann Arbor

I have had decades of experience hiring contractors in Ann Arbor and I am very happy with Perkins Construction (Carl Wurster).They are reasonable, organized, and get things done! –Linda Polley; Ann Arbor

We were very pleased with Tim, who did all of the work, as well as Joe, the project manager. They came and left when they said they would, finished the project in a timely manner, were very neat, and responsive to our questions and wishes. It was a great experience for us overall.–Tom and Judith Ivacko; Ann Arbor

We really connected with Carl, and his ideas were innovative and practical. We feel that Perkins really went out of their way to complete the project on time.–Joe and Mira Briggs; Ann Arbor

I just want to express my sincerest gratitude for the great work done by Rich at my house. He was there exactly on time and came prepared with plenty of tarps to cover my carpeting. Every time he came in the house he put on his booties. He educated me on the cause of the problem, pointed out some specific examples and offered several suggestions that would solve the problem in a more efficient manner. After he was done, his clean up was very meticulous. Once his van pulled away, there were no visible signs that any work was done because everything was cleaned up perfectly. I plan to call your company for all of my future needs. I will also highly recommend you to any of my neighbors who tell me that they have a problem that needs to be repaired, or are looking to upgrade their house. –Eric Apollo; Ann Arbor

Thank you, Carl, for the way in which you have transformed two of our rooms! We are more than happy with the outcome and thank you for thinking through the issue with the "M" and the stripes. You are definitely right that the "M" standing alone is sufficient. The tiles downstairs look wonderful as does all of the painting. I'm so pleased with the way in which you were able to revitalize those windowsills in the bedroom. We feel privileged to have you as our painter, whenever you have opportunities to squeeze us in, and we'll look forward to seeing you in the future.–Lorraine & Bart Bryant; Plymouth

Joe was great to work with – very professional and up front. We have recommended Perkins to the entire Greek community so we hope you get more projects. –Leslie Westbury, Treasurer Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority; Ann Arbor

Now that the work is complete, my wife and I wanted to praise the work that your folks did - and say what a pleasure it was to have them here. From fine detail work like stair molding to major work like replacing the upstairs bathroom floor, the quality is uniformly excellent. Though everyone was good to say the least Keith was particularly praiseworthy in the focus and energy he brought to the job. He was always here early, he was consistently polite, respectful, friendly, helpful, considerate - and ready to be able to learn,. Plus he had great taste in music! Randy was superb as the Project Manager. He kept everything rolling, explained everything, seemingly remembered everything, a fine teacher and often funnier than hell - very impressive. Needless to say, we'd highly recommend you folks to anyone, and if there's any way we can help promote your business, we're ready. Thanks again, and so glad I finally got to see the quality work you do.–Jim & Susan Leonard; Ann Arbor

Rodger, Duke, Mira, and Team - Thank you so much for giving us our dreamed up addition! We liked you so much you are on our holiday card. Enjoy the holiday break!–Allison and Anthony Polidano; Saline